Use this time to propel yourself forward

LeaWith all the media channels bursting with information about Corona virus you don’t need me to tell you how serious this time is for us now. Follow the advice of health officials and try to keep calm.

So what can you do if self isolating or a in lock down?
There’s heaps of ways you can use this free time if you take a step back and see this as an opportunity to develop yourself, your work or business, learn new skills, take up new hobbies, clean out the cupboards of your life and get fitter. So that by the end of the year or when ever this chaos clears (and it will), you can hit the ground running with more to offer yourself and others.

Use this time to get fitter

Sort out your eating and get into a good routine so that:

  1. You don’t whip through all those foods you’ve been stock piling in a week rather than a month
  2. You eat well so as to keep your immune system strong, to sleep better, stress less, think straighter.
  3. You don’t wind up with more health problems at the end of this than the start
  4. You are super fit and dandy when you emerge from all this hibernation

As most of you know my business has been running online (using Skype) since the Christchurch earthquakes. If you need help to get fitter, lose weight, sort out your cholesterol or current eating madness then drop me an email at I’d love to help you!

PS. I’m following my own advice and have almost finished writing another book and am developing new exciting areas of work which I will share with you soon.

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