Healthy kids, happy lives ..first birthday

Healthy kids, happy lives was born one year ago

It was a hard book to write.

  • How do you tell parents how to manage the growth of their kids in just 8 steps?
  • What about energy? How do you show parents that some types of foods nail hunger quicker than others?
  • How do you show parents in just one graph the different types of fats in different fats and oils?
  • Sugar’s big now. It wasn’t when I started 3 years ago. Then the WHO dropped the recommended levels and I had to redo our sugar graphs and the whole section on how to reduce sugar in kids snacks!
  • With SO MUCH nutrition noise in the world today how could this one little book distill the most important things to keep kids healthy down to just 10 main points?

    Find out!

Although this book is almost sold out copies can still be printed to order on Amazon

Look out for my next book How to grow an athlete From playground to podium

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