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How to Grow an Athlete: From Playground to Podium

“I’m passionate about helping people find energy for life. My latest book aims to do just that by offering nutritional guidelines and practical sports nutrition information for parents, caregivers, teachers and coaches working with active children 5–18 years of age.”
It’s not just about kids. This is information that can help the whole family
– Lea

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Forget the dietary ‘shoulds’. It’s what you ‘do’ that counts.

Eating well, protecting your body with better nutrition now can help you to channel your energy into the things in life that really matter to you. Find out how a nutritional assessment can help you reach your goals… Read more »

Baked apples with dried apricot, feijoa and almonds

Apples are plentiful in New Zealand during our Autumn months particularly when harvesting peaks between March and May. Here are some of my apple recipes that are family favourites. Enjoy! Read more »

Carbohydrate for body growth and repair

Protein provides the building blocks of amino acids to allow for muscle mass and tissue repair, but it is the carbs that fuel this body building process. Encouraging people to control,not cut, their carbohydrate can be a challenge. Read more »

Chicken pan pie

If you are wanting to recycle leftover meat and vegetables with added appeal and freshness then this pan pie recipe is super easy and is adaptable to many meat alternatives. Do give it a try. Read more »

Weighty issues

In recent years, the ‘diet mentality’ has been criticised, coupled with the new movement toward body positivity, mindfulness and ‘self-care’. Does this approach work for everyone? What other tools might we need to consider? Read more »

Roast vegetable lasagne and a meat version

I love making Lasagne because it has a wonderful flavour that gets better with time and everyone seems to like it. Here I’m showing you how to make a vegetarian and a meat version at the same time for the freezer or friends. Read more »

Heat Stress: Could you be at risk?

Heat stress can be a concern for all of us but in particular young and elderly people, athletes and people working outside in the heat such as in the construction industry, farming, forrestry etc. Learn more Read more »

Lea’s Trifle

If you need a dessert to feed lots of people do try my trifle recipe. Lower in energy yet containing twice the protein and a third of the fat found in traditional cream topped trifle, it is worth trying just watch your portions! Read more »

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