Back to school

As children go back to school there are lots of issues that keep cropping up throughout the year which as a parent you have to deal with.

What should I put into their lunch box?
What about breakfast ideas?
How much bread should they be eating each day to stay healthy?
Are they growing at a healthy rate?
Should I be worried if my child has a BMI greater than me or am I using the wrong calculation to figure this out?
How much water should they be drinking and where do sport and energy drinks fit in?
What about sugar? Are some snacks better than others?
What foods will fill them up the quickest and still keep them healthy?
Are they eating too much fruit this summer?
What about milk and dairy products? Are there alternatives I should consider buying?
Shopping can be hard too. Are there any apps available to make life easier?
What about fat? What are trans fats and should we be eating humus rather than butter?
Does lack of sleep have anything to do with weight?
How can I get my kids interested in cooking?
What does being healthy really mean anyway?

These are just some of the nutrition questions that parents often ask me and my book Healthy kids, happy lives will help to answer.

It’s not a big book, nor very expensive but it might empower you to make better food choices for you and your family. If you find it helpful then please help me by telling others
Available on Amazon as an e-book or printed on demand

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