Family Nutrition

A healthier diet is the hub of the wheel of life. It can drive the things you want to do and the things that you have to do- giving you the energy to cope.

It can be difficult to organise family meals these days when:

The Likes and dislikes  of family members affect food and recipe selection

Different Meal times are preferred by some and not others.

Evening meals are disrupted by working late or sports and after- school activities

Age differences can affect what and how much is eaten

Three separate nutrition studies in NZ over the past 10yrs have all come up with the same results. While it may be difficult to arrange, families do enjoy eating together and feel that their home life is strengthened by doing it.

Even if they don’t all like the food provided, it is the opportunity to talk about the days events, and exchange views and ideas that people need and love.

Eating together is particularly important during the teenage years. This is often when young people are more influenced by their friends, their sport activities or after school job commitments. Unfortunately research has also found that eating disorders can develop when there is less adult supervision of meal times and meal content and meals are taken (or avoided) in isolation.

If you would like to talk to us about how to balance out the nutritional needs of your family without having to prepare several different meals in one day then Contact us now

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