Weight Control & Fitness

Concentrate on eating to do, not on eating to weigh. We can show you how to stop hunger, increase energy and put fun back in your day. The scales will soon reflect the positive changes you have made.

Wellness check

How fit are you right now?

If you would like to find out if your current style of eating is meeting your nutrient goals for good health then we would be happy to help you.

If you contact us then we will send you out some forms to fill in on your medical and diet history and a 7 day food diary for us to assess.

When we meet over Skype (or telephone) a week later we can then discuss your results relative to any blood results or health concerns you may have and offer you general help and advice.

Weight control and health issues

There is no “one way” to gain or lose weight but we will help you find the healthiest way for you.

We offer three nutrition education programmes designed to follow on from one another.

1. The Inspiration Series

This series starts with the Wellness Check and nutritional assessment, then over three more Skype sessions covers practical issues such as menus; portions, shopping and body composition (how to stop “making fat”)

2. The Lifestyle Series

This series covers how to cope when away from home, e.g. exercising, eating out, alcohol, takeaways, weekends etc.

3. Energy for Life

This series covers behavioural issues, e.g. Mindful eating, mental health, coping with stress, sleep issues, travel, menu planning and strategies for long-term health.

Other health issues

When weight is gained it can also lead to other health issues such as elevated cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure levels. Diabetes, skin irritations, gastrointestinal upsets, hormonal changes, skin irritations etc can also become a problem.

When undertaking our weight loss programs these health issues are also managed simultaneously with specific nutrition education and guidance for no extra charge.


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