Ongoing Services

It's not difficult to learn how to drive dietary change but keeping your hands on the wheel when the road gets bumpy takes time and practice. Empowerment comes when the changes and progress you make are supported by on-going education and encouragement.

The subject of nutrition is constantly changing. In an effort to keep up with these changes we offer all clients and affiliated groups the following:

Four Monthly Recalls

Receive four monthly recalls at reduced rates for the first year.

Library Facilities

Our complimentary library service features a large selection of cookbooks, children’s books, videos and general books is available to New Zealand residents.

Nutritional Assessment

Available at any time to help find nutritional inadequacies.

Supermarket Tours

These are run regularly for our patients to attend but can also be arranged for community and sporting groups.

Monthly Newsletters

Each month you will receive a newsletter covering topics relating to general interest, children, sport and food. We are pleased to see that our newsletters are of interest globally and are now being read in the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada and USA. You can help us to spread the word of good nutrition by encouraging your friends and family to sign up for these too.

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