Nutrition is a relatively young applied science that is constantly advancing. Dietitians earn our credentials by keeping up with these changes and through our articles and newsletters we try to keep you updated too.

Wishing you a happy, healthy 2023

Happy New Year Everyone! Before you list this New Years resolutions take time to think about the things and experiences that gave you the most joy in 2022. Healthy eating can help you find more energy for life for 2023. Read more »

Wishing you peace this Christmas

Love and best wishes for a safe and Happy Christmas spent with those you love and here’s hoping that 2023 will bring you health and happiness. Read more »

Find the energy to enjoy Cup and Show week

Enjoying Cup and Show week is so much more fun if you can maintain your energy and hydration levels throughout. Eating a good breakfast first is a great way to start.
Read more »

Women’s Health 2 Wealth

Join Lea and 4 other speakers in the Women’s Health 2 Wealth half day event Thursday 15th September 9am-12.30 at Addington Event Centre to learn more about Sustaining energy, Finances, Hormones, Well-being & more Read more »

Daffodil day

Daffodil Day this year is on August 26 in New Zealand, a day to symbolise hope for cancer sufferers. Every day 71 New Zealanders are diagnosed with cancer. Can you help the Cancer society? ..Donate- Fundraise and Volunteer Read more »

July: The liver friendly month

July is an important health awareness month to learn more about how to love your liver by supporting Dry July to raise funds to fight cancer. Also learn about The Hepatitis Foundation of NZ that supports those with liver disease Read more »

Grandparenting duties call

Grandparenting duties call but working online, I’m never very far away if you are needing my help. There’s also some tips on how grandparents can have fun and help teach children about everyday food and nutrition. Read more »

Beef to leaf, from instant noodles to veganism

What does it take to move from a mostly meat-based diet to a vegan one? Here The Press follows their 22 year old journalist Steven Walton as he works with Lea to find out how to make this as healthy an experience as possible. Read more »


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