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The New Zealand Food Network

The NZ Food Network offers a one point of contact, to collect leftover food from farms, factories  and food outlets around NZ to get it to those in need. Collaborating with Envirowaste they also reduce wastage going to landfill. Read more »

Why can’t I lose those last few pounds?

‘Why can’t I lose weight like I used to?’ is a common lament from prospective clients that most Dietitians hear each day. Find out what Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist Nancy Clark thinks about the current diets available. Read more »

Alcohol and your kids – what can you do?

Does your child want to experiment with alcohol?If so they should wait until they are at least 15 years old because alcohol can have a huge effect on the developing brain and in fact every system of our body. Find out why? Read more »

Serving larger portions of veggies may increase young kid’s veggie intake

What happens to the consumption rate of vegetables when children 3-5years are offered larger servings or when salt and butter is added or veggies are paired with a child’s favourite foods? Read the latest research.. Read more »

Behind the hype of coconut oil

What’s going on with coconut oil? Is it as healthy as widely made out and how does it stack up against other fats and plant-based oils in terms of saturated, unsaturated fats and heart health? Find out now. Read more »

6 Tips to build resilience

The Covid lockdowns have separated families, disrupted daily routines and have left many of us feeling we can no longer control our lives and destiny. Yet it is possible to learn how to become more resilient. Read on Read more »

Go dry in July

Thinking about cutting back on your alcohol during July? It’s never too late to give it a go. Find out how your efforts could help fundraiser for people battling cancer and pick up plenty of health benefits along the way. Read more »

Support of the NZ dairy industry is still high

NZ dairying has suffered a lot of bad press in recent years over environmental issues and while change had to come the ‘cleanup’ is gaining traction and the industry is now finding support domestically and overseas. Read more »

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