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Men’s health week: June 13-19th 2022

Men’s health week-June 13-19th 2022 is a global initiative marked in US, Europe and Australasia that focuses on the health issues all men face and raises awareness of the steps men can take to get help. Try their quizzes for fun Read more »

Move Your Butt

‘Move your Butt ‘and help Bowel Cancer NZ to raise public awareness and funds to treat NZ’s second biggest cause of death. Get fundraising ideas and tips plus check out the symptoms that could also help you to save a life. Read more »

Why we need to practice emotional first aid

Why is physical health more important to us than emotional health? In this thought- provoking Ted Talk Psychologist Guy Winch offers important first aid for coping with failure, rejection, loneliness and negative thinking Read more »

Long Covid and Children’s Nutrition

While children have been largely spared from the severe effects of Covid 19, reports are coming in of children suffering from long Covid. What are the symptoms? Who is most susceptible? Can dietary change build immunity? Read more »

Concussion worse in MMA and boxing after weight cuts

Fighters who rapidly cut weight before bouts are at higher risk of suffering concussion or being misdiagnosed with head trauma according to researchers from St Mary’s University of Essex and Swansea University. Find out why? Read more »

Are Low carbohydrate diets effective for sports performance?

Over the past five years has there been any changes in the use of Lo carb, high fat diets in sport? Here renowned sports nutritionist Louise Burke shares her insights into the use of keto diets and future trends in sport nutrition. Read more »

Half time snacks for active kids.

Are oranges still in vogue as a half time snack for active kids? Find out more about Sports Dietitians Australia latest factsheet on what to eat and when and how you can access your own tailor made sports plan with Lea. Read more »

Health Star Rating update

Changes are coming to the Health Star Food front of pack labeling system. Find out how this may affect you. Also learn more about work going on with food producers and manufacturers to make our food healthier. Read more »

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