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Food for under 5’s

If you are a parent of a child 5 years or under you may be wondering about the food that is served to them at daycare. This free resource can help you understand your child’s nutritional needs wherever they are. Read more »

Fermented foods: what are they and should I be eating them?

Fermented foods have been popular this year. What are they? How much should you have? What are their health benefits etc? A recent article by the NZ Nutrition Foundation can help you answer some of these questions. Read more »

Alcohol facts and effects infosheet.

Alcohol can be a major source of kilojoules especially over Christmas and holidays when people are celebrating. Find out what drinks and snack foods are weighing you down and learn more about the new alcohol free ones. Read more »

New study explores doping risk of protein fortified foods

The results of an Australian study evaluating the risks of protein fortified foods was recently summarised in a press release. This is important and meaningful research for athletes, sports and support personnel to be aware of Read more »

Iron in baby pouches

Baby pouches may be convenient but failed to impress nutrition researchers when they looked at their iron, sugar and Vitamin B12 content. Find out more about your child’s nutrient needs along with practical recipe ideas. Read more »

Male athletes and preventing eating disorders

It is estimated that 8% of male athletes compared to 33% of female athletes have a pathological eating disorder that can damage their physical and mental health. Find out why men might be susceptible and how you can help. Read more »

The New Zealand Food Network

The NZ Food Network offers a one point of contact, to collect leftover food from farms, factories  and food outlets around NZ to get it to those in need. Collaborating with Envirowaste they also reduce wastage going to landfill. Read more »

Why can’t I lose those last few pounds?

‘Why can’t I lose weight like I used to?’ is a common lament from prospective clients that most Dietitians hear each day. Find out what Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist Nancy Clark thinks about the current diets available. Read more »

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