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How reliable is your knowledge of general nutrition and how might this apply when setting up strategies if you are competing or training in your chosen sport? Undertaking this short questionnaire is a great way to find out. Read more »

Free ebook from Sanitarium

Are you looking for some easy, affordable and healthy recipes that are Dietitian approved and good for your health? Find out more about Sanitarium’s new ebook and recipe collection. Read more »


Gymnasts are required to be strong and flexible as well as have a high level of skill and co-ordination. Find out more about the seven disciplines of gymnastics and how sports nutrition can really make a difference to results. Read more »

Does one size fit all?

There’s lots of nutritional advice available for the general public these days. But is all this information applicable to the needs of athletes? One size certainly does not fit all according to USA Sports Dietitian Nancy Clark Read more »

Exploring the nutrition landscape of vegan diets: challenges & considerations.

There’s alot of interest in plant-based diets these days. What are some of the considerations and trade-offs such as nutrient adequacy and costs, that need to be considered if adopting a vegan lifestyle? Find out more.. Read more »

New data shows hungry teens 4 years behind in their learning

New Zealand’s Health Coalition says food poverty has contributed to the nation’s poor performance in an international education achievement test for 15 year olds. Find out how and why? Read more »

Throws and power sports

During summer, interest in track and field athletic events like javelin, discus and shotput, increases. These sports do require power to lift and throw and also a requirement for speed at the run up. Sports nutrition can really help.. Read more »

Food Trends 2024

Against advances in technology, culture and economic shifts the International Food Information committee (IFIC) presents its annual food trends forecasts. Learn whats coming up in the world of food, beverages and shopping. Read more »

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