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Indian vegetarian recipes for wellness

Meet Dietitian Ragi Jayadev, whose new website is packed full of heart healthy Indian recipes suitable for diabetics and people wanting to know more about Indian cuisine. Read more »

Can low carbohydrate diets help athletes?

Avoiding carbohydrates to lose weight is a current trend with some people preferring to get their energy from mostly protein or fat. Find out if it works and is it safe? Read more »

Food related choking in young children

Are you responsible for looking after babies or children under that age of 4 years? Then this information on how to minimise food related choking is important to read Read more »

Slash the salt to reduce stroke risk

Reducing salt intake can reduce blood pressure, the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. Find out about salt in sausages and other foods. Read more »

Ryan Gage

Kiwi kids consume five unhealthy snacks a day

Active children are always hungry but what should we be feeding them? New Zealand research suggests that it’s time we made some changes if we are to encourage children to develop healthy eating habits and better health. Read more »

Food hardship prevalent in kiwi kid’s early years

Nearly half of NZ families struggle to access healthy food in the first year of a child’s life. Learn more about the effects this hardship can have on our children’s nutrition. Read more »

The FoodSwitch® app makes shopping easier

If you are keen to make healthier food choices when grocery shopping check out the FoodSwitch app. It’s now available globally and offering new features for some countries Read more »

NZ updates eating and activity guidelines for NZ adults

After 15 years the NZ MOH has at last updated its Healthy Eating and Activity Guidelines adopting Australian recommended serving sizes and has a smart new food model. Read more »

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