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Feeling fatigued…is it a bug or flu, or iron deficiency? Take the quiz

Iron deiciency can sap your personal power, leaving you feeling sad and fatigued. The symptoms are similiar to the flu and Covid 19 so Iron Awareness Week is reminding us all how important it is to learn more and get treatment. Read more »

The one about power

How can you find your personal power zone? How can you protect it and know when your levels of power are changing? Here’s some thoughts from Ish Cheyne and Sacha Coburns presenters on the Not So Breakfast Show Read more »

Hot topics in sports nutrition: update from ACSM

Sports nutrition is an exciting subject so for a quick update on some leading topics lets take a look at a recent blog by sports dietitian Nancy Clark who attended a meeting of the Amercian College of Sports Medicine in Colorado Read more »

Scientists warn a type two diabetes pandemic is looming

As the incidence of type 2 diabetes increases researchers from Otago University are calling for a National Food Strategy and ministerial task force to review all areas of the food environment, production and consumption in NZ Read more »

Kiwi diets not worth its salt

High salt (sodium) diets increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and can weaken bone density. What dietary changes could we personally make to achieve significant salt reduction and better health? Read more »

Sustain: Plant-based foods for active people

If you would like to learn more about eating plant-based foods and how to maintain your energy and nutrient needs when you are active, then this book is a great source of recipes and practical nutritional information. Read more »

Sports nutrition for Soccer

Soccer is becoming increasingly popular among secondary school children in Australia and NZ. So let’s take a look at the nutritional guidelines from Sports Dietitians Australia. For your own personal sports nutrition plan talk to Lea Read more »

Energy drinks and energy shots are they right for you?

Energy drinks and energy shots are big business these days. However are they right for you and will they improve your performance? This new position paper from The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) takes a look. Read more »

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