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Sports nutrition for Soccer

Soccer is becoming increasingly popular among secondary school children in Australia and NZ. So let’s take a look at the nutritional guidelines from Sports Dietitians Australia. For your own personal sports nutrition plan talk to Lea Read more »

Energy drinks and energy shots are they right for you?

Energy drinks and energy shots are big business these days. However are they right for you and will they improve your performance? This new position paper from The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) takes a look. Read more »

How to cook vegetables videos

We are not born knowing how to cook, yet for good health we do need to know how to prepare fruits and vegetbales simply. These easy videos show us how and website is packed full of recipe ideas too Read more »

Power to weight ratios: costs and benefits

The drive to better health these days is to build strong, fitter bodies. Many sports require athletes to drop fat and to build more muscle and this is possible but it takes nutrition education & care. See an Accredited Sports Dietitian Read more »

The secret to being your own best Psychologist

Therapy with a clinical psychologist can be life changing and of real benefit to some people. Here clinical psychologist Karen Nimmo offers DIY tips and tools to help people tap into their own strengths when life get tough Read more »

Salad Generator

Are you feeling stuck, unsure of how to use up leftovers? Check out the Salad Generator on the Beef and Lamb website and while you’re there take a look at their great recipe section. Even non-meat lovers will find inspiration! Read more »

Return to exercise post Covid-19 infection

Whether you are a recreational or elite athlete recovering from Covid-19, you may be wondering when you should be getting back into training and competition especially if you have long Covid or other health issues. Learn more. Read more »

Making weight: helpful or harmful?

While many athletes would like to lose weight for better performance some need to in order to make weight for their chosen sport. Here Sports Nutritionist Nancy Clark looks at the pros and cons associated with doing this. Read more »

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