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Healthy eating on a budget eBook

A lot of people are finding it tough right now to make ends meet. So here’s some valuable resources from Sanitarium that will give you budget friendly recipes along with some healthy tips for eating on less. Read more »

Moving on from dissapointments in sport

Disappointments come in life through lost opportunities at sport, work, school or relationships. Its normal to feel frustrated and sad. This 4 minute ‘On the Couch’ video with Karen Nimmo clinical psychologist offers tips to help. Read more »

Can diet help athletes manage ADHD?

ADHD is characterised by hyperactivity, impulsivity and/or inattention What are some of the issues facing athletes with ADHD and how might changes in their diet, meal times and certain nutrients improve management? Find out. Read more »

Eating eggs during pregnancy

Eggs are a healthy source of dietary protein and valuable vitamins and minerals important for good health especially during times of increased needs such as during pregnancy. Find out about quantity and safety issues.. Read more »

When ultra-processed food aren’t bad: Breads and Breakfast cereals

When we hear the words ultra-processed foods most people think of unhealthy junk foods. But how far should this designation go when thinking about healthy foods being put together in a factory? Are they to be trusted? Read more »

Caffeine and Athletic performance

For the latest news on caffeine and it’s link to improved performance read this report from Dietitian Nancy Clarke summarising a talk she attended covering which sports benefit from caffeine use?, how much? etc… Read more »

Microgreens and sprouts punch well above their size for nutrition

Find out more about Microgreens and Sprouts. Easily grown bundles of nutritious greens that are punching well above their size for nutritional value. Read more »

Deficiency dilemma: Long-term gluten-free diets for celiac women

Women with coeliac disease who follow long-term gluten free diets are at risk of multiple nutrient deficiency according to a new study. Read more »

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