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Throws and power sports

During summer, interest in track and field athletic events like javelin, discus and shotput, increases. These sports do require power to lift and throw and also a requirement for speed at the run up. Sports nutrition can really help.. Read more »

Food Trends 2024

Against advances in technology, culture and economic shifts the International Food Information committee (IFIC) presents its annual food trends forecasts. Learn whats coming up in the world of food, beverages and shopping. Read more »

People in the worlds ‘blue zones’ live longer – does their diet hold the key?

Improving our healthy life expectations remains a global challenge, yet some countries manage to do it. The world’s so called ‘blue zones’ seem to have what it takes for people to live longer. Find out what this may be….. Read more »

Health of esport athletes must be prioritised by the industry

Esports are a global phenomenon that are being taken up by people of all ages. However concern is being expressed, about the health of players sitting for long periods of time, in a new book on the subject. Learn more Read more »

Pregnant women may be missing vital nutrients

The prevalence of vital nutrient deficiencies among women attempting to become pregnant in wealthy countries is a serious concern according to new studies that also call for more nutrition advice regarding the plant-based diet. Read more »

Any activity is better for your heart than sitting, even sleeping

Replacing sitting with as little as a few minutes of moderate exercise a day tangibly improves heart health, especially if this can become a long-term habit, according to new research from the University of Sydney & UCL Read more »

Addictive foods

Food cravings are not uncommon but what about food addictions? New research reported in the British Medical Journal is throwing light on the role that ultra- processed foods may be having on our health. Read more »

Sports nutrition news you can use

There’s lots of news for Sports Dietitians to get through in order to provide practical tips for athletes and active people to apply. This month my US colleague Sports Dietitian Nancy Clark provides a great summary for us all. Read more »

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