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Return to exercise post Covid-19 infection

Whether you are a recreational or elite athlete recovering from Covid-19, you may be wondering when you should be getting back into training and competition especially if you have long Covid or other health issues. Learn more. Read more »

Making weight: helpful or harmful?

While many athletes would like to lose weight for better performance some need to in order to make weight for their chosen sport. Here Sports Nutritionist Nancy Clark looks at the pros and cons associated with doing this. Read more »

Easy meals with vegetables continually strive to keep ‘kiwi’s’ well. Here they team up with Te Hiring Hanora /Health Promotion Agency (HPA) and the Heart Foundation to bring us cheap and easy resources to up our vege intake. Read more »

Sports nutrition for swimming

Swimming requires serious commitment to training and elite swimmers train anywhere between 6-12 times per week. Sessions can cover 10 km and include 1-2 km of high intensity sprints. In this great factsheet by Sports Dietitians Australia you can find out more about: Body composition Training diet for swimmers What to have for breakfast How … Read more »

Rather than giving yourself a boring, tiring review of 2022, try this…

At this time of year it’s easy to look back on the year just gone and give yourself a pass mark, a “could do better” or a (deeply compassionate) fail. Find out what Pyschologist Karen Nimmo advises for a simpler, kinder approach Read more »

Are you eating enough to fuel performance?

Are you eating enough for performance? The Australian Insititute of Sport has recently put out two excellent infographics on the subject of energy deficiency, why it happens, its affects on performance and what you can do. Read more »

A stable gut helps elite athletes perform better

Researchers in the UK have studied the impact of high protein and high carbohydrate regimes on the stability of microbiome in the gut to see if this can alter performance of endurance athletes during time trials. Learn more… Read more »

Is fake meat healthy? And what’s actually in it?

For people keen to reduce their intake of animal products and eat more plant based foods, fake meat may seem like a good alternative. So how healthy is it? Can it reduce our weight and cholesterol and is it good for the planet? Read more »

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