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Workplace nutrition

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  • Lea talks to children in Erbil, Northern Iraq

    Lea, once again, uses Skype to link up with 60 children in Erbil, Northern Iraq to present to them a power point program on Healthy Eating for School Children. It proved to be a lot of fun! Read more »

  • Fairleigh Kindergarten

    Lea received positive feedback after talking to parents at Fairleigh Kindergarten in Christchurch about Nutrition for Pre-schoolers. Read more »

  • Children in Khartoum learn about nutrition

    Just before Christmas 2014 Lea talked over Skype with a group of 17 mainly Sudanese children in Khartoum about nutrition. Read their comments about this exercise. Read more »

  • Sue and John Squire

    Sue and John were keen to lose weight for their wedding and to improve their health. Read more »

  • Grant Philip, Paralympian Shooter

    Grant Philip is one of New Zealand’s top IPC Shooters. In 2009 Grant qualified at the JIKJI Cup in South Korea to compete in the 2010 IPC World Championships, held in Zagreb, Croatia. Grant’s goal is to qualify, compete and win Gold for New Zealand at the 2012 Paralympics in London. In 2007 it was … Read more »

  • Margaret Foster, Motivationz

    Motivationz provide expert quality coaching in netball, rugby, swimming and athletics by combining a world class sporting experience with highly effective innovative coaching techniques and strategies. A big thank you for your outstanding presentation to our young sports people. Your expertise and knowledge on nutrition was awesome, and the way you gave practical examples was … Read more »

  • Waikari Plunket

    Thanks Lea for the session today I have had great feedback from the day so that’s rewarding. –Marie Black, Waikari Plunket

  • Paparoa Primary School

    Lea has run a seminar for a large group of Canterbury Principals and it was extremely well received and followed up by many. As part of our staff development programme at school, Lea ran a wonderful session, again with extremely positive feedback. Because we were concerned at the eating habits of many of our children, … Read more »

  • Hurunui District Council

    Thanks Lea for an excellent presentation. Lots of staff all talking about it afterwards and planning how they can make a difference to their lives through diet. Well done. –Audrey van der Monde, Huranui District Council

  • University of Canterbury Recreational Centre

    Lea contributed a seminar to our Stress Relief Week. As always hers was a standout session and I have had fantastic feedback (see below). –Mel, University of Canterbury Recreational Centre Comments The following comments are from students who attended this seminar during Stress Relief Week. I would definitely give this seminar a 5. The nutritionist … Read more »

  • Les Mills Christchurch

    Lea has been an invaluable source of assistance in the ongoing education and training of our Les Mills Body Trainers, especially in her capacity as the consulting nutritionist and dietitian for our 12 week weight loss programme – Body REVOLUTION. –Mike White, General Manager, Les Mills Christchurch

  • EAP Services

    EAP Services has run a number of courses particularly in preparing for Retirement and have used Lea Stening for the dietary section. In all occasions the participants all expressed that Lea was the most interesting and very professional of all the speakers. I have been most impressed with Lea’s professional manner and will continue to … Read more »

  • Paul Rodwell, NZ Fire Service

    Thanks so much for your talk Lea, I can tell you everyone enjoyed it and all of us have made changes to diets and learned a great deal from it. –Paul Rodwell, NZ Fire Service

  • Greg Mitchell, Airport Engineers

    Thanks Lea for your assistance on Friday and it was great to see the way you were able to relate to the guys and their situation. –Greg Mitchell, Airport Engineers

  • Rik

    Thanks Lea for your support, you have been awesome. –Rik

  • Sue Ashworth

    I am delighted to recommend the services of Lea Stening. My husband and I have personally used Lea to assist with our own dietary needs and we have been very satisfied with the resulting life style changes. –Sue Ashworth, Christchurch

  • Anne Whitfield

    I have lost 6.7Kg working with Lea over the last 6 weeks. I have heaps of energy and find that at the end of the day I have as much energy as I started with. It’s just magic! –Anne Whitfield, 49years, Christchurch

  • Karen Sollitt

    Like many people I had tried all sorts of diets and courses, and although they had worked for a time, nothing felt like it was sustainable for the rest of my life. A friend had been seeing Lea, and encouraged me to do the same, back in April 2001, when I could feel my weight … Read more »

  • Melva McIlroy

    This is the lovely Melva’s story… Five years ago my health was deteriorating, I was overweight and bed-ridden and my doctor said that unless I lost weight the quality of life would be seriously affected. I have lost over 3 stone (22 Kgs) with Lea’s programme, which I began along with walking short distances regularly. … Read more »

  • New Zealand Cricket Academy

    Lea has worked for many years with NZ cricket Academy since its formation in 1996. Over the past seven years she has developed an extensive knowledge of our sport and has provided invaluable information that should enhance the performances of our athletes in the future. She has provided written information for the wider cricket community, … Read more »

  • Swimming Canterbury West Coast

    Thank you for all the presentations you have done for us; the feedback we got from the swimmers has been really great and very positive. –Jenny Johnston, Administrator Swimming Canterbury West Coast

  • South Island show jumping

    Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to our young riders at camp. I truly appreciate you sharing your expertise with them and giving them a professional presentation. At the show jumping last weekend a number of riders told me of their changes to their diet so your message did impact on … Read more »

  • Lincoln University Sports Scholarship Programme

    Lincoln University Sports Scholarship Programme is committed towards the athletic performance improvement of the Sports Scholars. For this reason we are proud to endorse the services of Lea Stening as our nutrition consultant who has been working with us since 1999 on the Sports Scholarship programme. –Peter Magson, Fitness Manager, Lincoln University

  • Rebecca Wardell – NZ Olympic Heptathlete

    Sports nutrition has helped to tailor my nutrition to be specific to my event, my body and my energy needs. Learning about the correct nutrition has helped me to recover better from training and perform better in competition. Good nutrition is as important as good training, and without the correct fuel you can’t perform to your optimum level. My event, … Read more »

  • Grant Sharman, NZ Wheel Blacks coach

    I would like to comment on Lea’s nutritional programme and how it worked while away. Lea had worked to ensure the team had an understanding of nutrition, how it affects performance and recovery and most importantly how to pursue our own food plan based on sound principles. While in Loutraki the food was not what … Read more »

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