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For sport

Some people are just natural athletes who always perform well under pressure, but for the rest of us of us, improving nutritional intake will certainly give you "that edge" that illudes you.

Whether you are looking for more energy for recreation and to keep fit, or are contemplating a half marathon or national team selection, we can help you to fulfill your aspirations.

  • Sports Nutrition

    Whether you are a serious athlete wanting to compete locally or internationally, or an individual eager to improve your overall level of fitness.

  • Schools and Groups

    Lea is particularly concerned about the effects of nutrition on academic performance and can offer assistance to schools or community groups with nutrition education or promotions.

  • Online Nutrition Services

    Are you looking for an on-line nutrition coach? Our highly qualified Dietitians can help adults and children of all ages.

  • Ongoing Services

    The subject of nutrition is constantly changing. In an effort to keep up with these changes we offer ongoing support.

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