Healthy Recipes

There is something really special about sharing healthy, great meals and recipes with family and friends.

Chicken pan pie

If you are wanting to recycle leftover meat and vegetables with added appeal and freshness then this pan pie recipe is super easy and is adaptable to many meat alternatives. Do give it a try. Read more »

Roast vegetable lasagne and a meat version

I love making Lasagne because it has a wonderful flavour that gets better with time and everyone seems to like it. Here I’m showing you how to make a vegetarian and a meat version at the same time for the freezer or friends. Read more »

Lea’s Trifle

If you need a dessert to feed lots of people do try my trifle recipe. Lower in energy yet containing twice the protein and a third of the fat found in traditional cream topped trifle, it is worth trying just watch your portions! Read more »

Julie’s Banana Cake

If you are making cake for a birthday or special occasion this recipe is very easy and lower in saturated fat and sugar than traditional recipes. This one reminds me of Julie a dear friend I flatted with in London. Bon Appétit. Read more »

Greek chicken with tomato, olive and feta topping

This Greek chicken recipe is full of flavour, which gathers with time marinating the chicken and then cooking it slowly in the oven. Great next day too if there’s any leftovers, served hot or cold with bread and a Greek salad. Read more »

Egg in a hole

Eggs are one of the cheapest forms of good quality protein available today. This easy recipe is fun for kids to make for breakfast or lunch, on weekends and school holidays. Read more »

Chicken curry and rice

This chicken curry and rice recipe is very versatile and easy to teach young people learning to cook. There are plenty of variations making it a staple recipe to have in any recipe file. Read more »

Chicken souvlaki

Souvlaki is a popular Greek fast food which is quick to cook and easy to make. This is a dish that can easily be make by children learning to cook and ideal for athletes, young families and busy people on the ‘go’ Read more »

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