Sports Nutrition

It’s easy to copy the diet of others, but when an athlete takes the time to understand his or her own baseline nutritional needs and how to change that to suit the demands of training and competition the results can be stunning!

Whether you are a serious athlete wanting to compete locally or internationally, or an individual eager to improve your overall level of fitness, we can help you in some of the following ways:

Individual athletes

Nutritional assessment and education for individuals identify problem areas early on.

Nutrition programmes for baseline diet, training and competition help to build the plan around the individual

Assessment of extra nutrient requirements take into consideration  other factors affecting performance such as the age of the individual, their level of stress, necessary adaptions to environmental change,  immunity factors and health problems.

Advice on travelling to tournaments and competitions ensures that condition is not lost while waiting around to perform.

Educational programmes

Lea can work with individual sports to develop:

Educational programmes for athletes and their parents to suit each level of player development

Educational resources for coaches such as nutrition manuals and handout material.

Team or individual coaching sessions on general nutrition, touring, dining out, snacks and takeaways along with shopping tours.

Sports nutrition for developing athletes

This program is specifically designed for young  athletes who are serious about their sport. It suits young people that are keen to improve their knowledge and practical application of sports nutrition as they grow. In just five sessions this programme aims to assess, advice and empower young athletes to make the necessary nutritional changes to improve their health and physical performance. To find out more contact us today

Other services

Lea works alongside:

Coaches and other sports scientists to help individual athletes to reach their full potentia

Gyms and personal trainers who are helping individuals who simply want to improve their overall level of fitness.

Coaches working with young athletes

Working with young people requires a huge commitment of your time and energy. For varying reasons Sports Nutrition may not be high on your list of priorities when trying to organise your team events for a variety of reasons:

Limited access  to a sports Dietitian in your region and/ or you lack of  time and resources to find one may hamper your progress in team development.

Perceptions of limited value  or scarce resources may push sports nutrition to the bottom of your list of priorities right now as you struggle within a limited budget. You may prefer to cover the topic yourself.

Working with children of all ages is a challenge because exercise competes with the energy that they require for physical growth and mental functioning.

Good nutrition can give your team (or athlete) the winning edge so contact us for ideas on how you can improve the nutrition of individuals or the team as a whole.

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