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Our Services

Never underestimate the power of one. When you make positive nutritional changes everyone around you is affected and can become healthier too.

At Lea Stening Health we welcome both individuals and groups to our online clinic. We often work with couples or a parent and child who may be keen to make changes to their lifestyle and diet. For larger groups, such as those at business work places, communities or schools, we are happy to join you at your own location.

Individual assessment

For individuals we arrange a dietary assessment using a Nutritional Intake Analysis and from the results of this it is possible to evaluate a persons current food intake. We then evaluate this alongside their requirements for age and activity level and make recommendations for positive lifestyle change.

Group consultations

As part of a multi-disciplinary team approach Lea Stening often works with groups of people in schools, sporting, industrial, corporate and community organisations. Working together in a seminar setting, using a PowerPoint presentation it is possible to implement nutrition education programmes aimed at improving the physical and mental performance of the individual worker as well as  the combined work output and health outcomes of the groups concerned.

How can Lea Stening Health help you?

We recognise that people often struggle to get sufficient energy to power their own day at work let alone that of their family commitments when they come home at night. Finding the energy, time and motivation to exercise, play with the kids take on a new course of study or go to a movie just isn’t there. Yet these are the things we usually love the most and work hard for.

At Lea Stening Health we enjoy watching people turn their lives around. As they discover how to eat to do and to be each day, any weight or health problems are more easily resolved.

  • For you

    Shape up and get fitter without fad diets. Learn how to fill the gap between what you are doing now and what you need to do for better health right now!

  • For kids

    Help them grow and learn better at school. This takes a lot of energy particularly when you factor in the extra nutrients needed for sport and after school activities. We can help you get it right

  • For sport

    Improve performance. Find out your energy and nutrient needs for daily sport and recreation as well as how much extra you need for training and competition. We can give you a plan.

  • For work

    Build sustainable energy. So that you get your job done more safely and efficiently during the day and still have reserves of energy left for a run or some fun when you get home.

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