Kiwi’s have normalised childhood obesity says expert

Talking about weight is a recipe for a good tar and feathering these days.

This recent article on Stuff by Laura Baker 29 October 2018 has certainly generated a lot of online comments.

But as a Dietitian I’ve been talking about weight for 44 years so you could say I’ve had lots of conversations about it and I love helping people when I can.

Is discussing weight ‘fat shaming’ the obese or ‘skinny shaming’ the underweight?

Our body weight, shape and size does not define who we are or our self- worth! Our dreams, goals,or intellect. Our creativity or capacity to love and be loved, to be the best version of our selves.

Our body weight however can determine how much energy and vitality we have to put into building those dreams for our own life and those we love.

Put simply…

In order to function our body is made up of systems, each dependent on the other to work and is fuelled by a steady stream of energy from food.

Dietitian’s are not the diet police. We help people, who want to make changes, find the tools to redirect the flow of this food energy, to make adaptions to lifestyle and behaviour so that as a nation we can all pull together to build more healthy and rewarding lives.

While dieting is not the answer to weight loss nor is sitting back doing nothing hoping the problem will solve its self.

Unfortunately obesity (particularly abdominal obesity) is a disease that leads to a break down in body processes, reduced mobility, diabetes, heart disease and shorter lives. This is not ‘fat shaming’ but a fact. However Dietitian’s do have the training, and courage, to work with people of all ages to make a difference.  All thats may be needed is a new approach.

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