Beef to leaf, from instant noodles to veganism

Over the summer Steven Walton a 22 year old journalist with Stuff approached Lea for help to lose weight and transition from a meat- based to a vegan diet.

You can follow his progress in four articles printed in the Press, along with some enlightening facts and figures about the Vegan Society and Industries that have sprung up to support followers of this dietary movement.

Week 1: Beef to Leaf. From instant noodles to Veganism

Here we meet Steven and take a look at his lifestyle and the results of his first dietary assessment of a 7 day food diary whilst eating his normal meat-based diet. Lea offers Steven advice to improve his breakfast and lunch intake and his dinners are to be made from a Vegan delivery service

Week 2: Turning a New Leaf:

This article focuses on the Vegan movement and Vegan society and the growing lists of foodstuffs being sold at supermarkets to meet this new demand for Vegan food options. Here we learn about Stevens struggle to prepare vegan foods whilst working late and with little cooking experience

Week 3:The Animal Question:

Here we learn about the development of meat replacement foods and the groups that have sprung up to protect animal rights. We find Steven still struggling to prioritise his nutrition but Lea steps in with some private coaching around structure of meals to lose weight in a healthy way while providing sufficient energy to play cricket. This section also begins with a video clip in which Lea talks about her work as a Dietitian in trying to help Steven.

Week 4: Staying the Course:

This article considers ways in which introducing a more vegan/ vegetarian lifestyle can be made more practical through adopting a flexitarian approach to eating. Lea sums up the nutritional improvements that Steven has made and Steven considers whether he can move from beef to leaf more permanently.

Special thanks to Steven Walton and Nadine Porter from Stuff for their fair and respectful approach while reporting on such an important, yet potentially controversial, nutrition topic.

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