Healthy kids, happy lives- radio and book review

Lea’s latest book aimed at helping parents feed their children is out now.

Currently NZ population rates as the third fattest in the OECD after USA and Mexico. Obesity is now causing children to develop diabetes. Something has to change.

Lea has written a book that summaries the key things to build healthier, happy children. But writing a book doesn’t mean people will buy it or even know that it exists. The cost of publicity and advertising is beyond Lea’s means.

Here are some of the latest reviews

Protecting your childs best interest – Otago Daily Times 20/6/17
I recommend the book ‘Healthy Kids, Happy Lives”. It was released just last week by Christchurch-based Paediatric and Sports Dietitian Lea Stening, written by a Kiwi for Kiwi’s. We have a fantastic natural and healthy food supply here in New Zealand, and her book helps us understand how to make the best use of that.
Dr Kirsty Fairbairn, Senior Consultant

Lea Stening keeping our kids healthy- Latitude Magazine –Issue 53
The combination of working with high performance athletes and Lea’s paediatric specialty has given her a unique insight into the nutritional needs of growing children. The obvious next step was to combine all of this knowledge, expertise and practical experience into a form from which many people could benefit- hence the idea of a book was born and Healthy kids, happy lives was released in May to wide acclaim.

Ewan Sargent –The cure for child obesity –The Press 2/5/17
“In her book, Healthy kids, happy lives, released this month Stening talks about how to steer children into structured and healthier eating”. ..”she takes a holistic view on how to turn things around for an obese child “you can’t just change their diet. You have to change who they see themselves as they want to be.” Food becomes the power that helps them achieve goals”

Helen Gibbs- Dietitian -Book review for Dietitian’s NZ Publication News & Views June 2017
“Healthy kids, happy lives is an evidence-based practical resource written by a dietitian with a wealth of experience working with children to make health improvements through lifestyle change.”

They say that it takes a community to raise a child…so what can you do to help?

  • Buy Lea’s book – If you agree it is helpful then tell others- Mention it to your friends, workmates, health workers and school teachers- Give it away as gifts- Help spread the word via social media.

“Thanks so much for any help you can give me”- Lea Stening

Healthy kids, happy lives is available on Amazon or in NZ bookstores now

Radio Interview

Kathryn Ryan talks with Lea on Radio NZ about her book

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