Being locked down in Sydney wasn’t the plan

It was meant to have been a catchup with our children after 15 months of separation due to Covid.

Amelia and Jonathan, their partners, grandson Beau (3yrs) and to meet Beau’s new brother Hugo (now 4 months old).
Here he is snapped with me stealing a cuddle at sunny Balmoral beach, supervising the others building sandcastles last Saturday June 26th.

Such a blissful moment!

Three hours later Sydney went into ‘lockdown’, except it wasn’t a version of the restriction’s that Kiwi’s are used to.

As the numbers of Covid 19 cases in New South Wales (NSW) have continued to rise over the last few days, Sydneysiders just don’t seem to ‘get it.’

Gyms might be closed, and people are walking the streets, parks and beaches with their families as we did in NZ lockdowns but shops here are still open, many without QR codes or insistence on mask being wearing. People are trying on jewellery, shoes, clothes, and there’s home stores, book shops, camera and fancy- dress stores, toy shops all open.It’s just crazy!

Messages from federal and state government and health authorities have been very conflicting.

I’m very grateful that we have had our two Covid vacs before leaving home. However when my asthma led to a chest infection mid-week, while I was able to access a doctor online for extra meds,  getting a recommended covid test at the local hospital revealed a real anomaly.

To get my test results and use the Covid tracing app I needed to register my contact details with Service NSW. However, to do this you need to be a resident because the service doesn’t recognize mobile roaming numbers.  Luckily, I was able to use my son’s phone number to register and finally I got the good news I’m Covid- free, but I do fear for other travellers without such connections.

I’m hoping that our Trans-Tasman bubble will be mended soon but meanwhile thank goodness we can call the kids, the sun is shining, I can still work with you online and am only an email away if you’d like my help.


Breaking news July 7…….Thank you Jacinda we’re coming home!

Whoops..spoken too soon…We were to have flown out on Saturday 10th, our pre-flight Covid tests were both negative…. however all 5 of our flights then and since have been cancelled. We are now stranded, unable to be with the family; only one person can shop at a time and exercise is limited to two persons walking. At least the lockdown conditions have tightened up a bit and our only hope now is that the number of daily cases drop enough for the lockdown to be called off.

Should we ever land a flight home we will need to go into MIQ…except there are no places there until November so this drama could take a while to play out yet… I’ll keep you posted

Many thanks to those who have sent us kind wishes and messages of support, it sure means a lot!

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