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What’s the latest in food safety?

Every now and then you come across a website simply brimming with interesting and important information.

As we head into summer in the southern hemisphere food hygiene and safety has to be top of the list and this Ministry of Primary Health (MPI) website has every base covered with even a section on Climate Change.

For people in other countries information here on food safety in the home, at work and in the community is important and pretty universal. There’s something for everyone.

Hot topics include:

  • Is it safe to eat? Learn which foods are the most likely to cause illness and find out how to best handle them.
  • Teaching resources covering things like teaching simple rules around hygiene, such as hand washing, to children and also care of food at school e.g. storage of lunchboxes etc.
  • Vulnerable groups are not forgotten. Extra care of food for pregnant women, the young, the elderly or those with low immunity
  • Tips for food safety when out and about– covering safe barbequing, extra care in hot weather, even advice for care of reuseable shopping bags and food containers.
  • Family sickness can be a risky time. Learn how to protect your health during times of family illness and about the food resources you might need in an emergency such as if there is a flood or disaster.
  • Community health has a big section- covering issues such as fundraising, market days and food safety when running community events
  • Tips for managing food safety on Maraes or camping events
  • What is in our food? is a large section about the food monitoring programmes that exist to keep us safe and information on organics and agricultural safety.
  • Biosensitivity– what foods can be taken out of and brought into New Zealand
  • Keeping food safe when travelling could be just the thing to read if you are heading away for a holdiay this Christmas

Like I said this website seems to have this topic of food safety well and truly covered so take a look there’s lots to learn

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