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Deficiency dilemma: Long-term gluten-free diets for celiac women

Deficiency dilemma: Long-term gluten-free diets for celiac women leads to nutrition shortfall- Study

By Nurul Ain Rawali

Women with celiac disease following a strict, long-term gluten free diet could face major deficiencies in major nutrients, including vitamin D, folate, calcium and iron according to a new study

This research is bound by copyright but is an important read for women with coeliac disease as it touches on issues of depression and anxiety.

Before people with coeliac disease turn to dietary supplements to fill any perceived nutritional gaps they should see a Dietitian for a full nutritional assessment and also see their GP for blood tests on an annual basis, as their health needs will change with age, activity levels and the pressures of life.

For more general information on the use of Gluten free diets read… Is going gluten free a healthy food choice?

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