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Microgreens and sprouts punch well above their size for nutrition

Microgreens are grown from seeds of a wide array of plant families including cauliflower, cabbage, arugula, radicchio, celery, quinoa, sprouts, melon, cucumber and squash.

Very versatile these greens can be eaten alone, blended, added to wraps and salads and used as garnishes in soups and other dishes.

Easily grown microgreens can be raised at home indoors or out without requiring much time or equipment.

What about sprouts?

These are harvested earlier than microgreens and at 5-7 days old can offer more nutritional benefits than mature plants. Woow that’s pretty amazing!

In this great article by the American Heart Foundation find out more about these benefits:

  • To digestion
  • How about gas production?
  • What about phytate?
  • Any news on their antioxidant content?
  • How about their nutrient concentrations?

Also this article provides some important information on the usage of sprout’s, preventing spoilage and some extra food safety issues to be aware of.

If you would like to assess the adequacy of energy and nutrients in your current diet then contact me without delay

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