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Men’s health week: June 13-19th 2022

Men’s health week (MHW) is a global health awareness campaign marked in US, Europe and Australasia.

The week June 13-19th 2022 focuses on the health issues all men face and raises awareness of steps men can take to help address these things.

Men are an endangered species

  • A boy born today will live nearly 4 years less than a girl born in the room next door
  • He will be 20% more likely to die of a heart attack than a girl
  • He will be 30% more likely to get diabetes
  • Three times more likely to die by suicide or motor car crash
  • 8 men die each day in NZ from preventable illness
  • One in four men won’t live to retire

It doesn’t have to be like this!

Check out the Men’s health week to learn more about:

  • Basic health issues facing men e.g.Heart and Stroke; Waist circumference; Maori health; Prostate; Mental health; Blood pressure; Rural health; Skin
  • Time to talk to a mate: One in five men will at some point be diagnosed with a mood or anxiety disorder. Talking to a close mate can make a world of difference
  • Go bigger or go home is Bollocks: Many men think that they have to go all out and shed 20kg in a couple of months, drop the carbs and drop the grog. Learn how small steps could really make the biggest difference to your life and loved ones
  • How to get started: with better exercise and diet to help power you along
  • What’s you score? For a snapshot of just where you may be in your health admin
  • Take the mental health quiz

Everyone can do a little something to make their lot better

 If you or the man in your life would like to drop some weight or their cholesterol levels (in a sensible way) or to get help with sports nutrition for an event or just to get fitter, then contact me today.

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