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Walnut consumption early on in life may lead to better health as we age

The simple act of eating a handful of walnuts often could act as a bridge to other health promoting lifestyle habits in life.

Researchers who reviewed 20 years of diet history and 30 years of physical and clinical measurements have found participants who ate walnuts early on in life showed a greater likelihood for being more physically active, having a higher quality diet, and experiencing a better heart disease risk profile as they aged into middle adulthood.

Find out:

  • What benefit did the walnuts provide that other nuts lacked?
  • Were there other dietary factors at play?
  • What happened to weight issues, blood pressure, waist circumference, blood lipids and insulin concentrations when walnuts were eaten?
  • Exactly how much walnut was needed to have an effect?
  • How was quality of life determined and what factors made the difference?

Note of caution:
To prevent choking use only ground varieties if feeding nuts to children under 5 years

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