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Long Covid and Children’s Nutrition

While children have been largely spared from the severe effects of Covid 19 reports are coming in of children suffering from long Covid

Symptoms may include:

-Chronic tiredness



– Depression

– Altered smell and taste sensations

– Poor appetite

While immunization may reduce the risk of severe and fatal outcomes of Covid 19, they may not completely prevent long Covid 19 in the event that a breakthrough infection occurs.

The World Health Organization define long Covid as “a condition which occurs in individuals with a history of probable or confirmed Sars-CoV-2 usually 3 months from the onset of Covid 19 with symptoms that last at least 2 months that cannot be explained by an alternative diagnosis.”

While the underlying processes responsible for long Covid are unknown or the organs mostly targeted, interest in growing in the role that diet may play in building immunity against Covid in the acute and long-term illness.

This article explores :

  • The role of diet in building immunity against Sars-CoV-2 in the acute and long-term phase.
  • Whether dietary deficiency of anti-inflammatory or antioxidants are important?
  • Who is most susceptible?
  • Which nutrients are important to build immunity?
  • Is there a dietary pattern?


NB: While it may be tempting to supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals, just to be sure, it is advisable to first check with your GP as taking supplements can mask underlying causes and diseases such as cancer, anaemias, diabetes etc

If you would like a nutritional assessment to check the nutrient adequacy of you or your child’s diet, then contact me today

Update: See The NZ Ministry of Health have updated their guidelines and information on Covid and Long Covid


I Piazza, M., Di Cicco, M., Pecoraro, L., et al. (222). Long COVID-19 in Children: From the Pathogenesis to the Biologically Plausible Roots of the Syndrome. Biomoleculesdoi:10.3390/biom12040556.

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