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A stable gut helps elite athletes perform better

New research has found that microbial instability in the gut could hinder the performance of elite endurance athletes.

Researchers from across the UK analyzed the performance and gut health of a group of well matched, highly trained endurance athletes to explore the impact of both high protein and high carbohydrate diets on performance during time trials

Find out

What effect did the high protein regime have on the gut microbiome?

How did this effect the time trial performance?

How important is gut microbiome stability to performance?

What are some of the symptoms experienced by an imbalance on gut microbiome?

Which had the most effect on time trial performance the protein or the carbohydrate regime and why?

Other than protein and carbohydrate what other factors could influence gut stability and performance?

If you would like help with sports nutrition for endurance events or other sports or are concerned about gut issues whether you are active or not then contact me today

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