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Don’t just eat it-compleat it

The Love food hate waste team have been researching how well people in New Zealand compleat their food.

It turns out that valuable food staples like potatoes, bread and apples are wasted simply because of personal preferences.

The more we use the more we save.

By compleating our foods, households could save a massive $644 per year. What else could we save?

  • Valuable time, by not peeling or paring.
  • Nutrients, by not carving away the healthiest part.
  • The environment, by not throwing away 157,389 tonnes of food each year.

So what are the five foods we should be compleating for our health, wealth and well-being- and the planet?

How can you make more out of the foods that you buy?

Find out new recipe and food ideas and learn how you can make a real difference to conserving the resources on our planet.

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