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Food for under 5’s

If you are a parent of a child five years or under attending daycare you may be wondering about the food they are served.

This free resource has been developed by the Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) and recently updated by the Heart Foundation. It is aimed at assisting Early Childhood Learning Services (CLS) to make healthy food choices for children in their care.

This resource also contains valuable information about nutritious food requirements for growth and development of children aged 5 years or under.

Along with practical feeding tips, this resource offers information on topics such as healthy fats and oils; how to prevent choking in young children; managing fussy feeders; food allergy and when and how to introduce solid foods; food myths; child development at different ages and stages; meal planning; healthy lunch and dinner ideas and recipes.

Find out more and if you would like personal help to implement any of these ideas with your child or CLS then contact me too, I’d love to help you.


Update: 15/1/2022

Since posting this Hot Link it has come to our attention that this NZ Heart Foundation resource is undergoing some modification. Until the changes are completed please refer to the Ministry of Health website for

You could also purchase my book Healthy kids, happy lives from Amazon which covers feeding guidelines for children 2-18yrs which was published in 2017

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