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Covid and nutrition video for patients and staff- Israel

With Omicron now on New Zealand’s doorstep there may be times in the coming weeks when we may have to isolate at home or care for other family members or friends who may be sick.

This video from Israel was developed for hospital staff and talks about what to expect when managing Covid.

If you find yourself in  a situation where  Dietitians or medical staff are unavailable it gives you some awareness of things you can do to help, notes you can make, which could help the medical team when help arrives.

NB: This is not intended as a replacement for medical intervention or the assessment of food intake by a Dietitian. Always be guided by the advice of your GP and call 111 in Emergency.


The Covid 19 pandemic faces us with new challenges for both patients and medical staff. Often, COVID patients suffer from a lack of appetite and smell, facing them already early in the disease process with nutritional challenges. The medical staff also faces many new obstacles in eating healthy nutrition which is crucial to their resilience with the disease. The nutrition departments and the hospitals and the training department play a critical role.

The campaign

The campaign’s objective is to raise awareness of the medical staff on the importance of healthy nutrition, and the management by nutritionists, as early as possible for both patients and staff.
It also reminds us of the importance of ‘care givers’ adhering to their own healthy eating in order to cope better and stay safe themselves.

The video

This video was developed and broadcasted through the ‘narrowcasting’ TVs in all hospitals.

This resource was developed by the European Nutrition for Health Alliance 

More updates and information about Covid 19 in NZ

More information from Lea:

Care for the ‘carer givers’ during family illness

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