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Do you take things personally? (and who doesn’t)

We’ve all had the experience when we don’t get the positive feedback from others we expect.

Such as praise for a job well done; an explanation from someone who cancels an appointment at the last minute or someone starts looking at their phone or watch when we are talking to them.

It’s easy to think that we are to blame for their behaviour, that we are not important enough as someone else, we take the behaviour of others personally. We might feel hurt, neglected or offended.

It’s our ego that’s talking when we take things personally, when we second guess why people are acting the way they do and we think it is always our fault.

Doing this all the time can be exhausting. (It can make us stressed, cause us to overeat, loose sleep- editors note)

So if you would like some tips on how to stop taking things personally all the time and how to use this knowledge to build stronger relationships then read this post and listen to Frederik Imbo on Ted talks.

This post is part of the Ted’s “How to be a better human” series that offers helpful advice from people in the Ted community – maybe it will help you too.

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