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NZ updates eating and activity guidelines for NZ adults

The NZ Ministry of Health has recently updated their Eating and Activity Guidelines for NZ adults including pregnant and breast feeding women.

These guidelines were published in 2006 and partially revised in 2008 so it is good to see progress in health promotion and is long overdue.

Health educators such as public health nurses, dental nurses, teachers etc will be interested to learn that the ministry has also changed the tools used to describe what a healthy eating pattern should look like.

Advice on serving sizes was last updated in 1991 based on commonly eaten foods in amounts eaten by New Zealanders during the late 1980’s. How things have changed!

NZ has now updated these serving sizes to align with the evidence based Australian recommendations and a new food model has also been developed.

We’ve had pyramids, and heart diagrams in the past to show the proportion of food groups that should make up a healthy meal. Well now we have a new plate that takes into account a greater proportion of plant-based foods (as illustrated above) which is currently being recommended for better  health.

The healthy eating and activity guidelines webpage includes more information on this if you would like to learn more..

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