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Alcohol: Quick facts

Alcohol is both a food and a drug so how is it affecting life in New Zealand?

In this great summary you can find out:

  • What our drinking habits are like?
  • How does alcohol affect crime and violence?
  • What is the impact of alcohol on our health?
  • What about drink driving?
  • Can we measure the social costs of alcohol?
  • What are our drinking patterns like overall?
  • What is the effects of alcohol consumption on our health and risk of injury?
  • How does New Zealander’s consumption of alcohol compare worldwide?

Alcohol and weight issues
If you would like to learn more about the effects of alcohol on health this article Alcohol the forgotten discretionary food shines a light on the effects of alcohol on weight issues and compares the drinking patterns of Australians and New Zealanders

Alcohol and digestive cancers

Nine out of ten Europeans are unaware of the link between alcohol and digestive cancers. This is despite the fact that 30% of gastro- intestinal disease can be directly attributed to alcohol according to a recent United European Gastroenterology report. They also found more women are at risk from these forms of cancer than men. Find out more

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