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Is your teen at risk?

Iron deficiency affects many young New Zealanders during times of rapid growth. The NZ Beef and Lamb website offers help on this topic along with recipes and information for better nutrition. Read more »

The Australian Open

What are some of the challenges facing athletes involved in competitive tennis?The Sports Dietitian’s Australia website offers some valuable tips. Read more »

How much sleep do we really need?

A good nights sleep is evident in how a person functions and acts next day.Our need for sleep alters as we age. Find out if you are having enough. Read more »

Weekend warriors share health benefits

Even if only exercising for 1-2 sessions a week the health benefits can be huge. Check to see if you are doing enough. Read more »

Women athletes face health risk of low energy intake

Women who exercise may face problems of failing bone and reproductive health. Finding that right balance between energy intake and physical activity is important to long-term health. Read more »

Whats in season at 5+ a Day?

The 5+ a Day website is a great place to learn about many of the new fruits and vegetables that are turning up in our supermarkets and also interesting new research on workplace nutrition. Read more »

Sports that will save your life revealed: new research

Researchers believe that it is not only how much or how often but the type of exercise that we do that may determine our longevity and cardio vascular fitness. Read more »

Obesity in adolescence may cause permanent bone loss

Researchers in North America have found that adolescents who carry excess visceral fat ( abdominally located) are at risk of bone breakdown and also have suboptimal levels of growth hormone. Read more »

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