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Play is essential to child development

Play is essential in helping children to develop confidence, motivation and physical competence. What can you do to facilitate play in your family? Read more »

“Can I breastfeed and drink alcohol occasionally?”

“If celebrating a special occasion is it safe to drink alcohol and still breastfeed my baby?” New research, apps and milk storage info can help.
Read more »

Local choice family kai

Here’s a booklet that offers 4 weeks of easy, nourishing dinner meals for a family of 6 (2 adults/4 kids) with shopping lists and tips to reduce waste Read more »

Dark chocolate is now a health food…really?

Chocolate companies are pouring millions of $’s into scientific studies and research to support cocoa science to sell more candy. Are you be duped? Read more »

Cramp- the emerging science

Everyone experiences cramp at some time or other. What causes it and what can be done to prevent it ruining your athletic performance? Find out Read more »

5+ A Day recipes

Are you are looking for fresh fruit and vegetable dishes for picnics, parties barbecues and outdoor living this summer? Then 5+ A Day can help you. Read more »

Eating and drinking during exercise

How much you need to eat and drink during exercise depends on lots of personal factors, intensity and duration of training etc. Find out more Read more »

More beef and lamb recipes

While health recommendations seek to lower the intake and frequency of red meat eating it is still part of a healthy diet. These recipes may help you. Read more »

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