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Road cycling

Road cycling is becoming increasingly popular but can require quite a lot of energy. Particularly if taken up as a sport. Find out what to eat when training for a better ride. Read more »

The Confidence Gap

In the midst of Covid-19 we are hearing a lot about building resilience, having courage, setting goals, but often it is the lack of confidence to try again that is holding us back. Read more »

Can children find the nutrients they need on a vegetarian diet?

Parents often worry that their child may become nutrient deficient if they go vegetarian. We join Dietitian Angela Saunders from Sanitarium to find out the best way to go about it Read more »

Fighting fatigue

Most people experiencing some tiredness during training may attribute this to the amount and intensity of exercise. But what about nutrition adequacy? Find out more… Read more »

Fluoride Facts

Recent reports about the poor state of children’s teeth in New Zealand should have us all concerned about dental health issues. Let’s take a new look at water fluoridation. Read more »

It’s time to learn more about…Salad Greens

With warmer weather and longer days everyones making salads. But with so many salad greens now available is here to give us info on what to use where. Read more »

Creating a positive performance culture

Any discussion around nutrition, body composition and movement can influence the actions of young athletes health & performance. Here is a tool for parents and coaches. Read more »

Ted Talk: Increase your self-awareness with one simple fix

We all like to think we are self-aware but the research is saying something different. Organisational psychologist Tasha Eurich shares some really interesting insights. Read more »

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