Back to school: As children head back to school there will be lots of nutrition questions that you might need to consider. Like how much fluid, bread,meat,exercise, fat and protein do they need? Buy Lea's book. It's here to help. Read more »


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Healthy lunchbox week

As family members head back to school and work the provision of lunch boxes looms once again as a daily chore. If you need inspiration for sandwiches, non sandwich and lunchbox combos we can help you. Read more »

The EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet and Health

How can we feed a future population of 10 billion people a healthy diet within planetary boundaries? Find out the ideas of the EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet and Health and how it might affect us all. Read more »

Grain and Legumes Nutrition Council

As people around the world search for a greater range of protein rich food the Grain and Legumes Nutrition Council website provides a wealth of nutrition information, resources and recipe ideas to help. Read more »

FMCG trends: The snacking revolution

We make decisions about the food we eat every day often unaware of some of the marketing trends that are really governing our food choices. This report on snack foods may surprise you. Read more »

How can we protect our children from unhealthy food advertising?

Reducing children’s exposure to powerful unhealthy food and beverage marketing is key if we want to live in an environment that supports healthy eating and physical activity. Learn how this can be achieved. Read more »

Are you keen to reduce food waste this Christmas?

How much waste will you generate this Christmas? Love Food, Hate Waste is a group dedicated to help us reduce food waste, save money and help to preserve the health or our planet. Could they help you too? Read more »

Milk myths fact sheet

Not everyone likes to drink milk. Some dislike the flavour others simply can’t stomach it. But for others there are myths about milk that may simply be putting them off. Learn more about the top 4 milk myths.. Read more »

Are whole grains good for you?

Are you following a low carbo diet? Its the quality of carbs that count. New research shows that higher whole grain and bran intakes are consistently associated with a 16-30% lower risk of heart disease. Read more »

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