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What to eat before and after your pilates workout

Pilates is proving increasingly popular with people wanting to improve their core strength, flexibility and posture. Find out what to eat before and after a workout. Read more »

How to stop the ‘hangry’ in active kids

Active children need energy to fuel growth and physical activity but some times getting tired hungry children to eat is a real mission for busy parents. We offer tips to help. Read more »

Would a FODMAP diet help you?

The FODMAP diet can help many people who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Learn how this diet works and if it is right for you. Read more »

Healthy kids, happy lives

Lea’s new book can help families to put structure back into children’s diet so that they can sustain energy, maximise growth and performance. Could be handy for parents too. Read more »

How exercise, notably interval training, can stop cells ageing

Exercise boosts our immune system and mind, helps us sleep and maintain muscle tone. New research has found that notably interval training can stop ageing at a cellular level. Read more »

New Zealand’s Food Revolution Day May 19th

This year Food Revolution Day in NZ is focusing on nutrition education to children. Learn more about how you can become involved in FRD too. Read more »

Trending cardiovascular nutritional controversies

In the search for healthy dietary patterns around the world unsubstantiated health claims seem to pop up daily. Here we review the latest trends. Read more »

Unhealthy food choices pushed to kids on websites

Research shows TV advertising of unhealthy foods increase the risk of obesity in children. What other ad techniques are connecting with our kids? Read more »

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