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Can physical activity offset the health risk of too much sitting?

Sitting has been described as the ‘new smoking’ risk to health. But is it the sitting or lack of physical activity that matters? Find out how new research into types and levels of activity may improve health and mood. Read more »

Enter the Ketotarian

Today the ketogenic diet or ‘keto’ for short is being used by many as a weight management tool and is riding a wave of popularity on social media with #keto having over 11 million posts on Instagram. Is it right for you? Read more »

World Table: Food from around the world in New Zealand

New Zealand food writer Nicola Martin’s new book ‘World Table’ celebrates the diversity of life in NZ, to help share the stories of the people and cultures that make up who we are. Its a conversation worth starting. Read more »

Supporting each other after the Christchurch terrorist attack

On March 15, two mosques in Christchurch were subjected to a terrorist attack by a white supremacist. The NZ Mental Health Foundation offers resources & support on how to cope with such a traumatic event. Read more »

The detrimental effects of overlooking female athletes’ nutritional needs

As poor nutrition can negatively affect everything from bone to reproductive health, more attention needs to be paid to the specific nutritional needs of female athletes. Find out more Read more »

Vegetables for mind and body poster

Vegetables can improve the health of our brain, eyes, immune system, skin, bones/joints and digestion and now offer a free poster showing you which vegetables can help your body and mind. Read more »

Heart health for women

Heart disease is the single biggest cause of death amongst women in New Zealand. Many of the risk factors are diet related and preventable. Learn how you can keep yourself and other women you love safe Read more »

What to do when you feel invisible

Feeling invisible, irrelevant, as if your views don’t matter is not just a feeling confined to middle-aged men and women coping with major changes in their lives. Young people are feeling this way too. Find out more. Read more »

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