Dietitian’s Day 19th September: Find out why Dietitians NZ and its members are taking a stand in ensuring the public know where to turn for reliable and safe nutrition advice. Read more »


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9 things NZ must do to tackle the child obesity crisis

What are the main health issues in NZ? As the election draws near we need to ask all political parties what they plan to do for better child health. Read more »

Healthy Celebrations

Healthy Celebrations offers up not only healthy recipes and ways to have fun but also respects the needs of different ethnic groups Read more »

How to make weight for competition the right way

For athletes needing to ‘make weight’,in order to compete in weight categorised sports, nutrition strategies are important. Find out what to do. Read more »

How to boost your post-ride recovery in the cafe

Many athletes include a coffee stop at the end of their ride. But could their food choices be undoing all their effort? Find out which cafe food is best. Read more »

Going lectin free is the latest pseudoscience diet fad

Beans and grains contribute protein to a healthy diet. Recently one protein, Lectin, in these foods is drawing negative attention. Find out why? Read more »

Feeding our inner army

Gut bacteria are centre stage in nutrition articles these days but this article in the Otago Daily Times by colleague Dr Kirsty Fairborn is a must read! Read more »

What to eat before and after your pilates workout

Pilates is proving increasingly popular with people wanting to improve their core strength, flexibility and posture. Find out what to eat before and after a workout. Read more »

How to stop the ‘hangry’ in active kids

Active children need energy to fuel growth and physical activity but some times getting tired hungry children to eat is a real mission for busy parents. We offer tips to help. Read more »

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