Use this time to propel yourself forward: Use this time to propel yourself forward Read more »


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The Game Changers movie

The Game Changers is a 90 minute documentary that looks at the performance benefits that elite athletes report when they adopted a plant-based diet. Is it right for you too? Read more »

Don’t just eat it-compleat it

The Love food hate waste team have been researching how well people in New Zealand compleat the foods the eat. Learn how you can reduce waste and find better health. Read more »

What’s the latest in food safety?

Holidays can easily be spoilt by a bout of food poisoning. Take a look at the MPI website which is simply brimming with helpful tips to keep your family “food safe” all year round Read more »

Its about time we took action for Diabetes

“its about Time” is an action and awaremess campaign running in November aimed at diagnosing, educating and supporting people with Diabetes. Could you be Diabetic too? Read more »

Five ways to better mental well- being at work

Workplaces that prioritise mental health have better engagement, less absenteeism and higher productivity. Employees get healthier too. This toolkit might help your team work. Read more »

Dementia Prevention Report- read it while you still can

What are the drivers of Dementia? While there is no cure yet, to what extent can changes in diet, weight, exercise and lifestyle help reduce the incidence of this disease? Read more »

New advice from Heart Foundation on meat, dairy and eggs

While there is new advice from the Australian Heart Foundation raising the restrictions on full fat milk, cheese and yoghurt, New Zealand guidelines remain unchanged Read more »

How climate change could make our food less nutritious

In this TED talk epidemiologist Kristie Ebi explores the possible effects of green gases on the nutrient composition of foods, who this will most effect and what needs to be done. Read more »

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