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Why can’t I lose those last few pounds?

“I can’t lose weight like I used to. I must be eating too many carbs”
“Do you think a keto diet is a good way to drop a few pounds?”

Judging by the phone calls I get from potential clients, an increasing number of athletes of all ages are complaining, “Why can’t I do something as simple as shed a few pounds???” They are frustrated and at a loss about what to do to lose undesired body fat.

This great article by Nancy Clark a sports nutritionist and registered Dietitians in Massachusetts USA highlights many of the problems that Dietitians deal with each day.

People all seem to want us to explain the same things:

‘Why is weight loss not as simple as calorie counting?’

‘Is Keto ( Plateo or latest ‘fad diet’) the way to go?’

‘Are Carbs the problem and what happens if you drop the starches?’

‘If carbos aren’t fattening then what is?’

‘Where does the type of food processing fit into weight loss?’

Read Nancy’s article for some sensible, evidence-based ideas and if you are needing to discuss the best plan to help you then talk to Nancy or contact us for a nutritional assessment and online advice.

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