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NZ ranked 4th worst in UNICEF child well-being report

Once again, we hear from the media about NZ’s failure to address problems of childhood obesity and our high ranking for obesity on the world stage in a recent UNICEF report.

It’s part of a bigger problem which I have been writing about for many years:

  • In NZ 33% of children are either obese or overweight compared to 66% of adults.
    It’s not just the children but their parents that are part of this equation. Both groups need help.
    Learn How to overcome misconceptions about weight
  • Around 40-50% of NZ children have early childhood caries and poor dental health is one of the most common causes of potentially avoidable hospitalisations in children. And the consequences of poor dental health in childhood can carry on into adulthood. Great to see the current government is offering free dental care up until 18yrs for vulnerable groups.
    Learn about Dental funding
  • While it is well recognised that child malnutrition is related to social issues such as poverty, access to education, housing, employment and health care, in the end access to healthy affordable food is essential but we still need to learn how to grow it.
    Learn about How we can encourage children to eat fruit and vegetables
  • We have fresh and affordable food in NZ, but many people don’t know how to cook it because nutrition has not been prioritized within the school system. Home economics teachers have not been trained for the past 15 years.
    Learn about How to grow and athlete in NZ
  • The last full Children’s NZ Nutrition Survey was in 2002. So, if we really need to make changes to children’s eating, we need to have more up to date information about what children are actually eating and the evidence gaps in our current knowledge.
    How is Australia dealing with their obesity problems? This recent report from The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre on the Current and future trends in chronic disease prevention research does make interesting reading if you would like more in depth knowledge.
  • A lack of sleep contributes to obesity and mental health problems.
  • Every year NZ trains 50 new Dietitians, but they can’t get jobs and now with Covid-19 they can’t leave NZ for jobs overseas either. We are talking here about highly skilled young people with master’s degrees and trained to deal with dietary issues.People would rather turn to social media or google for the latest fad diets from celebrity chefs than to learn how to prepare and eat healthy food with a Dietitian who has the expertise to tailor- make a program to meet a persons nutritional needs.
    Learn about How to break free from fad dieting

For personal help

  • Here’s a reminder that I have written a book
    Healthy Kids, Happy Lives offering parents nutritional information and practical ideas that can help.
  • September in National Obesity Month in USA. Learn what the CDC recommends about managing obesity
  • If you would like help with your own family’s nutrition then contact me for an online assessment and advice.

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