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Food related choking in young children

Are you looking after babies and young children under 4-years- of -age?

Then reading about this topic could save a life.

Babies and young children have an increased risk of choking on food. This is because they have small air and food passages. They are also learning to move food around in their mouths and learning how to bite, chew and grind food. It takes some years for children to master these skills and many don’t truly master chewing until four years of age.

Visit this Ministry of Health website where you will find a video and clear information explaining how to minimise the risks of young children and babies choking

Also you can access the new MOH guidelines on food-related choking prevention in early learning services which offer tips on how to alter high-risk food to lower its choking risk.

If you have any concerns regarding the nutritional requirements of your child or family member then contact me today.

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