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Pick up any health magazine these days and it will warn you to keep meat portions down if you are trying to lose weight or reduce your blood cholesterol level.

While this is good advice that doesn’t mean that you should drop red meat out of your diet entirely.

Red meat is an important source of haem iron which helps the blood to carry oxygen to body cells and also contains valuable protein for growth and B group vitamins important for energy systems and healthy nerves.

To control your quantities of meat allow around 90-120g of raw meat (60-90g cooked) depending on age and activity level and to keep the frequency  low aim for 3 red, 2 white (fish and poultry) and 2 non meat meals/week (e.g. beans, lentils, egg or cheese etc) per week.
Also avoid pre-prepared meats such as sausages, ham and bacon.

For healthy recipe ideas though visit NZ Beef and Lamb

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