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FMCG trends: The snacking revolution

This very interesting bulletin by Sarah Kneebone reports on recent snacking trends within the New Zealand food industry.

What is FMCG?

This is the term applied to Fast Moving Consumer Goods, which just means the things we buy on a regular basis such as at your local supermarket 1

The FMCG industry encompasses many of New Zealand’s best known companies such as Goodman Fielder, Sealord, Hubbards etc along with multi-national groups such as Coca Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Heinz-Watties and Fonterra.

The New Zealand Food and Grocery Council represents the major manufacturers and suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods in this country making up $26 billion of the domestic retail FMCG and $26.3 billion in exports.

This FMCG report shows some interesting trends from within the food industry on snacking, how foods are packaged, promoted and developed to maximise sales.

One interesting observation reported on how researchers in 2011 found that when people ate food that was the same but was labelled differently- one labelled as a snack- the other as a ‘meal’, despite being the same size, people who had the snack version ate 50% more.

If we are to ever be in control of our own health, body shape and size it is important to understand more about our food environment and who is really pulling our strings.

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