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Iron in baby pouches

Baby pouches may be convenient but they failed to impress nutrition researchers with their iron content.

Earlier this year researchers from the University of Otago looked at 266 baby foods sold in New Zealand supermarkets from 2019 to 2020 and found baby food pouches are incredibly low in iron. On average, the pouches contained just 0.3mg of iron per 100g. One pouch often equates to one meal for bubs, so that’s only 4.3% of their daily iron requirements.

Find out:

  • Why babies need iron rich foods?
  • How much do they need?
  • How do baby pouches measure up for other nutrients such as sugar and vitamin B12?
  • Top iron tips for feeding your baby
  • Recipe ideas to help

If you would like to check the nutrient content of your child’s current diet then contact me today.

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