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Dementia Prevention Report- read it while you still can

Around the world one new case of Dementia occurs every 3 seconds and in 2018 it was estimated that 50 million people may be living with Dementia.

This figure is expected to triple to 152 million cases by 2050. While there is no cure, early detection is essential to it’s management in the short and long-term.

The top 3 dementias are Alzheimers disease(AD) 47%, Mixed dementia (MD) 34% and Vascular dementia (VD) 9%

The prevalence of VD doubles after 65 years and surpasses AD after 85years. Dementia occurs in 20-30% of people within 3 months of a stroke with an additional 25% developing dementia over 3 years

Take a look at this World Dementia Prevention Report which looks at the drivers of the disease and the state of dementia research today, particularly into the two main proteins: Tau and Amyloid that are implicated in brain changes as the disease progresses.

The report looks at the dietary factors associated with risk and how changes at any stage in diet, exercise and lifestyle can help to delay the onset of symptoms.

As advances in drug therapy are developing rapidly, even a delay of 5-10 years in the onset of symptoms may bring potential sufferers closer to a cure.

Improvements made in managing other health issues such as cholesterol and hypertension (a major cause of stroke), reducing smoking, exercising more and eating less have proved helpful in reducing the incidence of Dementia in high- income countries.

However the authors warn that improvements made in cardio vascular health, nutrition and education could become unravelled if the growth in obesity and diabetes continues to rise globally.

If you would like to assess your own need for making nutritional changes and improving cardio-vascular health and fitness then contact me today.

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