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Creating a positive performance culture

As a coach you play an important role in creating a safe and supportive environment for your athlete, squad or team.

Language and commentary around nutrition, body composition and movement can influence the actions of your athletes health and performance.

All athletes of varying body size and shape, gender and ability appear to have a higher prevalence of developing disordered eating and or eating disorders than non-athletes. For those individuals involved in gravitational, aesthetics or weight class sports the risk is higher. Early detection and intervention can decrease the risk of serious health and performance consequences.

This new resource from Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA) can help you find:

  • How you can be an awesome role model
  • What is important for a coach to understand?
  • Listen-recognise and act- Red flags to watch out for
  • Thoughts and actions to add and remove from your toolbox
  • What questions can you ask if you have concerns?

Although designed for coaches this resource could help any parent or  person working with young people to develop better awareness around their own language regarding weight, shape and size and how to tune into the concerns young people may have about their own body composition issues.

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