Happy Easter everyone: Whether you are heading away this Easter or staying home we hope you have a safe and Happy Easter break with those you love Read more »



Woman’s health

Woman of all ages live busy lives as they balance their work and careers, needs of family and personal goals. Finding time for exercise and keeping well can be a real challenge at times. Good nutrition can help reduce stress, tension and tiredness and restore lost energy.

Minimising earthquake damage to your health

Prior to the earthquakes on September 4, Boxing Day and now February 22nd did you have any health goals? Do you have any now? Everything changed in an instant when the earthquakes struck. The fear and uncertainty that follows such a traumatic event is normal and everyone reacts to it differently. Everyone has their own … Read more »

Exercise and pregnancy

If exercising during pregnancy, what are the risks and what forms of exercise are the safest to undertake? Read more »

Allergy awareness during pregnancy

Can a woman’s diet during pregnancy offer protection from food allergy? Read more »

Do you know someone struggling to eat?

For those people with chronic illness, the elderly, the debilitated and the sad, eating can be a real chore.
For those who have to stand by and watch a loved ones weight plummet, for what ever reason, it can be difficult to know what to do. Read more »

Spring into better health

Over the past few months media attention has focused on our drinking habits. While the emphasis has been on teenage binge drinking the message is loud and clear. We all need to change our drinking habits. Read more »

Is stress making us fat?

Are we having to deal with too much stress these days and what affects is this having on our health and in particular our weight? Find out what you can do about it. Read more »

Healthy tips for travellers

If you are heading away on holiday or going overseas and are keen to control your weight and cholesterol levels then here are a few tips that may help. Read more »

It’s not how fat but where we are fat that counts

Have you looked around lately? On the bus, at the bank, in the supermarket and our schools. We are all getting fatter. Now take a second look at where that fat is located. Read more »

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