Nutrition is a relatively young applied science that is constantly advancing. Dietitians earn our credentials by keeping up with these changes and through our articles and newsletters we try to keep you updated too.

Dietitian’s Day 19th September

Find out why Dietitians NZ and its members are taking a stand in ensuring the public know where to turn for reliable and safe nutrition advice. Read more »

Radio NZ interview with Lea

Listen to Kathryn Ryan from Radio NZ interview Lea Stening about her new book Healthy kids, happy lives aimed at improving child nutrition. Read more »

Support Daffodil Day August 25

One in 3 New Zealanders are affected by cancer. Daffodil day, August 25th is your chance to make a difference by donating to the Cancer Society. Read more »

Healthy kids, happy lives -Book reviews

Read what people are saying about Lea’s latest book Healthy kids, happy lives. Improving children’s nutrition takes effort from us all. What could you do to help? Read more »

Lea Stening- Keeping our kids healthy

Find out more about Lea Stening and her work with children and sporting organisations in the latest Latitude Magazine Read more »

Skype clinic holiday

The Skype clinic is now closed from May 6-June 28 but we do look forward to helping you when we return Read more »

Have a happy and safe Easter

Whether you are staying at home or braving the elements of a wet Easter in NZ we wish you a safe and happy weekend. Read more »

Healthy biscuit recipe competition

The hunt is on for a school child who can create the healthiest biscuit recipe in time for the global Food Revolution Day on May 19th. Read more »


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