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No botulism risk

No botulism risk from Abbott Gain Plus product

5 September 2013

MPI advises that the Whey Protein Concentrate it identified as being supplied to Abbott was never contaminated with Clostridium botulinum, on the basis of tests MPI commissioned (see also “Revised Director General Statement under the Animal Products Act 1999 and the Food Act 1981” at:

Director General’s Statement  under the Food Act and Animal Product Act – 28 August 2013 (PDF) .

MPI has received results confirming that products containing Whey Protein Concentrate manufactured by Fonterra are not and never were contaminated with Clostridium botulinum and pose no risk to consumers of contracting botulism.  This includes product made under the Abbott Gain Plus brand.

The organism detected is confirmed as Clostridium sporogenes. It is therefore not capable of producing botulism causing toxins.

There are no known food safety issues associated with Clostridium sporogenes, although at elevated levels certain strains may be associated with food spoilage.

“On  28 August I revoked all precautionary directives and advisories relating to this issue,” said MPI Acting Director General, Scott Gallacher. “MPI has also communicated with regulatory authorities in overseas markets suggesting they revoke any measures they may have put in place.”

“We sought additional testing at both local and international laboratories, seeking the most robust results we could get. Scientists used a range of methods – all came back negative for Clostridium botulinum,” said Mr. Gallacher.


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