Accept the challenge!

shutterstock_191548502Are you up for a 12 week challenge to find the healthiest version of you?

If you would like to shed some weight, lower your cholesterol or just increase your level of exercise and get fitter then we can help you.

As from September 21st we will be starting a 12 week challenge during which time you could shed up to 10kg if necessary, learn more about nutrition and how to put more energy into each day.

What we will be offering you

  • A $45 discount off our weight loss and sports nutrition packages
  • Reductions on weekly gym membership and Personal Trainer fees
  • Weekly tips to get you cracking
  • Personal motivation and support

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Weekly Challenges

Challenge 1     Increase your exercise


  • If you haven’t been doing any lately and are overweight or have health issues get a Wellness Check from your doctor.
  • If your weight is a concern your doctor may also enrol you for Green Prescription a program in NZ designed to offer you monitoring and support to get you moving.
  • Record exercise. Note down the number of minutes you exercise over and above your normal daily routine and aim for 30-60 minutes each day ultimately 240-300 minutes/week

Challenge 2       Increase your fluid intake

Fluids are important to circulate energy around your body and to help remove waste.
This week your challenge is:

  • To record all the fluids that you drink in mL and total at the end of each day
  • Try to differentiate between what it is that you are drinking e.g. water, milk, alcohol, carbonated drinks, fruit juice, coffee/tea etc
  • If you weigh 50kg you need 1-1.6L/day- 70kg need 1.6-2.3L/day – 90kg 2.2-3.1L/day and if over 100kg you need 3-4L/day. In addition to this you need an extra 0.7L for exercise.
  • If you are keen to lose weight then try to drink 600 mls low- fat milk each day and more water.

Challenge 3      Think more about breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so this week your challenge is:

  • Start having some
  • Note down what you have and how it makes you feel.
  • Do you still want to snack as much later in the day?
  • If you would like to know how much to eat throughout the day to lose weight and get healthier then Contact us for an appointment to start our Inspiration Series or if you are a returning client we can pick up from where we left off.

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