Issues Unpacked: Fitness Fads

When you think wellness and health what does this mean to you?

With so many different types of diets and exercise regimes available, along with all the dietary supplements, books, recipes  and nutrition information…how can we find the right message to suit our own needs?

I was fortunate to be invited by NZ Broadcasting School students Oliver Cowan and Louise Trenouth last week to contribute some of my own ideas to a film they were working on for Metro News

Together with FH4 Studio manager Garred Gilmore and Tertiary Student Sarah Saunders we discuss the importance of finding a programme that meets an individuals needs rather than the sale of diets and fitness recommendations currently clogging the news feeds on social media.

The importance of mental health, sleep and recovery to building a healthy body and also being able to recognise the signs of an Eating Disorder and nutrient deficiencies were discussed. Measuring the gap between needs and reality could be a great place to start if you are looking for help.


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