World Obesity Day- 11th October

2b71f3_7f1d4cdcc54f45758446e349081bec14~mv2World Obesity Day 2016 is focusing this year on childhood obesity

Obesity is becoming so common that people no longer see it as abnormal or a sign of failing health. Many fear that parents today may outlive their children.

The World Obesity Federation is made up of professional, medical and research communities from over 50 regional and national organisations who are working together to create a global community of organisations dedicated to solving the problem of obesity.

Obesity is a very complex issue that stretches beyond dieting treatments and needs to include action such as supporting families to make healthier choices; working with the food and beverage industry to create healthier foods; addressing accessibility of health, education and physical fitness resources and planning cities that reflect a healthier environment.

  • Find out more about what the NZ Government is currently doing regarding obesity, activity and nutrition.
  • Learn more about what Jamie Oliver is doing to fight global obesity issues and how you can help.
  • Contact us if you would like a personal assessment of your own weight or that of family members. We would love to help you

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