A life less sugar: How I lost 20kg by reducing my sugar

FullSizeRender-4Congratulations to Amanda Tiffen in Christchurch who has recently published a book and cookbook on how to reduce sugar in the diet.

Amanda along with her husband Robbie, slowly reduced her estimated daily consumption of 30 teaspoons of sugar to just six. She increased vegetables, protein and meat, while cutting carbohydrates. Over nine month, she lost 20kg “with absolute ease”

Amanda has recognised that many foods today contain “added  extrinsic sugar” but also that the natural “intrinsic sugar/ carbohydrate in every day foods also need to be controlled.

This is also the opinion of Dietitian’s in NZ however it is important to recognise that everyone has their own nutritional needs and that no one diet fits all. Cutting milk, fruit and yoghurt because they contain carbohydrate is not recommended because these foods are also important sources of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals and protein for growth and repair.

Life style factors such as exercise, snacking, issues such as “treating” and managing meals out and celebrations are also important factors in the mix. Athletes also have different carbohydrate needs.

Learning how to control carbohydrate intake for everyday life and  how to “leverage” carbohydrate as energy needs change is the key to weight management.

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If you would like a personal assessment of your sugar intake as it relates to your total carbohydrate intake and information on how to lose weight and maintain that weight loss over time then contact us today.

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