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Want to avoid obesity? Going nuts might help

If you want to avoid piling on the pounds, switching just half a daily serving of junk food for nuts may help, according to US scientists.

They looked at 20 years of data on weight, diet and physical activity from a total of nearly 300,000 people, and found they gained an average of a third of a kilo every year.

The study, which was funded by The Peanut Institution and the California Walnut Commission, also found people who ate more nuts as time went on gained less weight than people who didn’t increase their nut consumption over the years, and nut fans were less likely to become obese.

Substituting half a serving of junk food with nuts was linked to people gaining around half a kilo less over a four year period, say the scientists, but peanut butter didn’t have the same effect. However, this type of study cannot show that eating more nuts actually caused the reductions in weight gain.

Do have a read of this study.

For more information you could also refer to my article on the topic Are nuts all they are cracked up to be? Which looks at the use of nuts for other reasons besides obesity prevention such as recommendations for people with food allergies and the use of nuts by athletes, people with heart disease, children etc.

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