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Nitrate (Beetroot juice)

Beetroot juice is one of the more recent sports supplements under scrutiny from Sports Dietitians Australia.

This juice is gaining popularity as it contains a high level of nitrate and can be made by juicing beetroot at home.

It can also be purchased as a more palatable and concentrated commercial supplement (e.g. Beetroot It® shots) which delivers as much nitrate in 70mls as would be available in 500mls if made from juiced beetroots at home.

What’s all the fuss about nitrates?

Once consumed nitrate is converted in the mouth and stomach to nitric oxide (NO). NO acts as a vasodilator, opening blood vessels and allowing more blood to be delivered to muscles. Nitrate can also reduce the energy cost of exercise and positively affect muscle contraction.

Beetroot juice research is still in it’s infancy but read on to find out :

  • Who does it suit?
  • What are the side effects?
  • What should be the dosage strategy?

If you are keen to assess your sport nutrition plans then contact us today

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