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Can physical activity offset the health risk of too much sitting?

Many people sit for a living. Telephone operators, truck, bus and taxi drivers, pilots, air traffic control operators, office workers.

The list is endless. Others who are invalid or sit in wheelchairs all day may also be interested in any research into this subject.

A recent study conducted by Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis from University of Sydney Charles Perkins Centre in collaboration with the Norwegian school of sports science found that replacing sitting with physical activity (but not standing) reduced mortality risk among high sitters who sat for up to six hours/day.

  • Find out their recommendations for physical activity, the duration and intensity of effort needed. It may surprise you.
  • Find out how high intensity incidental physical activity (HIIPA) is deemed ‘The new exercise that is made for everyone’. How some everyday activities can provide the benefit of a ‘work out’ for the time poor.

In separate studies researchers from Sydney University have collaborated with institutions in USA, France, Hong Kong and The Netherlands to study how increasing physical activity tends to be followed by improvements in mood and increased energy levels.
The findings challenge prevailing theories of depression proposing that sleep problems, low energy and low activities are the result of depressed mood. Researchers have found that the opposite may be true. That instability in activity and sleep systems could lead to mood change.

  • Find out how resetting the body clock could help people with bipolar and depression disorders

If you are keen to assess your current energy status relative to the exercise that you are doing then contact us today

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